Heroes PeakMind Performance Program

Welcome to Heroes PeakMind Performance, where we unlock the full potential of your brain, providing you with the tools to achieve unparalleled cognitive performance. Join us on this transformative journey as we harness cutting-edge neuroscience and personalized coaching to elevate your mental prowess to new heights.

The program is provided in partnership with

Unlocking Heroic High Performance: Elevating Our Heroes to New Heights.

This program is a no cost program for U.S. veterans and people in law enforcement.

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Driven by Vitanya

The HeroZona Foundation’s Heroes PeakMind Performance program is driven by Vitanya, a cutting-edge human performance company specializing in neuroscience and brain performance. Founded right here in Arizona in 2012, Vitanya has since expanded nationally, with 20 locations dedicated to serving individuals in the veteran community.

They have significantly improved the lives of people from all walks of life by offering thousands of brain performance sessions. This program’s primary focus lies in delivering products, technology, and services that support subtle neural communication on both electrical and chemical levels. This marks a revolutionary advancement in modern neuroscience, shedding light on how to optimize healthy brain function.

The program is meticulously supervised by a licensed psychologist who ensures quality control, progress oversight, and the collection, compilation, and reporting of data. We provide monthly progress evaluations and reports in three key areas: assessment of post-traumatic stress disorder, the World Health Organization Four Domain Assessment (WHO-QOL-Bref), and Executive Functioning and Comprehensive Behavior Rating Assessment (CEFI-A).

What heroes are saying

“Vitanya brought me sleep, brought me resilience. Now I am able to sleep again after years and years of getting three to four hours of sleep.”

Ron Williams, President & CEO, HeroZona Foundation, U.S. Air Force Veteran, Arizona Veteran Hall of Fame Inductee


“We have been highly impressed with the Vitanya program. This program offers us a drug-free, technology-driven solution of brain fitness that enhances our performance, the potential for better decision-making, improved reaction times, quality sleep and overall well-being. These are the outstanding results we have seen so far.”

Lee Rankin, Investigations Assistant Chief, Mesa, AZ Police Department

“Careers with Special Ops leaves with what I call ‘lashes on the soul.’ But stumbling across Vitanya has been life- saving for myself and my wife. We have been on fire to get this to as many people as possible.”

Dave Boesch, MSG, U.S. Army (Ret.), Former MSU Commando

“Other than my own family, nothing is more important to me than the wellbeing of those who protect and secure our freedom and safety. When these wonderful Veterans return to civilian life, some are suffering from seen and unseen trauma as a result of their many deployments. Heal the Hero Foundation and Vitanya are doing more to meet their needs than any organization I know.”

Jerry D. Holmes, Major General, U.S. Air Force (Ret.), Norman, Oklahoma


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Program Details

The Heroes PeakMind Performance spans multiple sessions and is structured as a 24-week, in-person program. Each session is designed to require a minimal time commitment, typically lasting between 20 to 30 minutes at one of our designated locations. Based on our extensive experience, a successfully administered program yields positive changes in neuropathways, resulting in long-term improvements. At the program’s conclusion, there is no need for continued participation.

You are not alone in this journey. Our program provides you with a specialized brain performance coach who collaborates with you to create a personalized program. These coaches closely monitor your progress, ensure adherence to program requirements, and hold certifications in all aspects of technology, assessment, and session delivery.

Some of the methods employed to achieve success include:

  • Stabilizing Free Radical Damage: We supplement the brain to combat free radical damage. Antioxidants play a crucial role in neurological repair by eliminating free radicals, fostering a positive neuroplastic environment, and supporting brain oxygenation and blood flow. Notably, Vitanya’s antioxidant formula incorporates specific Proanthocyanidins capable of passing through the blood-brain barrier to stabilize free radical damage within the brain.
  • Clearing Toxins from the Brain: The brain, despite constituting only about 2% of the body’s mass, consumes more than 25% of the body’s energy supply. Like all organs, it generates waste in the form of metabolic byproducts and toxins. Failure to effectively clear these toxins may elevate the risk of conditions such as Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders.
  • Nutritional Delivery & Absorption with a Proprietary Formula: Emerging research suggests that gastrointestinal irritation can transmit signals to the central nervous system, affecting mood and cognitive function. A compromised digestive system can hinder brain optimization due to inadequate nutritional support from a dysfunctional Enteric Nervous System (ENS). Vitanya’s proprietary formulations are specifically designed to enhance gut health and nutritional delivery.
  • Activating Neuro Response: Vitanya’s Brainwave Entrainment technology aids in restoring the brain’s natural balance, optimizing its peak potential. Supported by neuroscience and research, this technology has demonstrated its effectiveness in assisting individuals experiencing high stress, sleep difficulties, low energy levels, and other lifestyle challenges. It creates a customized sense of calm focus, tailored to enhance learning and productivity, resulting in a comprehensive spectrum of brainwave activity.


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This program has delivered numerous benefits to the individuals*, including:


  Sleep Improvement


  Depression Reduction


  Improved Psychological Health


  Trauma Reduction


  Anxiety Reduction


  Executive Functioning

Through the integrated approach of neurofeedback, supplementation, and expert coaching, participants attain a range of remarkable benefits, including:

  • Improved Performance:
  • Our program leads to enhanced brain performance, which translates into accelerated task execution. Participants experience improvements in reaction times, heightened focus, and a bolstered working memory, enabling them to excel in various aspects of their lives.
  • Extended Terms of Service: The program’s positive impact on mental health and overall well-being often results in extended terms of service, as participants are better equipped to handle the demands of their roles. This can include more service extensions, rotations, or the ability to sustain longer service periods.
  • Increased Resilience as a Protective Factor: The brain is a dynamic organ that continually adapts to environmental stimuli. As participants’ brain resilience to stress and trauma increases through our program, their neural pathways become better fortified against detrimental changes that may arise in their professional roles. This heightened resilience serves as a protective factor, safeguarding against maladaptive responses and promoting overall job stability and effectiveness.


This program comprises three integral components:

  • Neurofeedback: Neurofeedback, a form of biofeedback, empowers you to gain control over your brain functions. It achieves this by measuring brain waves and providing real-time feedback signals. Through this process, you learn to self-regulate and optimize your brain’s performance.
  • Supplementation: Our program incorporates proven and proprietary formulas that are meticulously designed to harmonize with your body. These supplements are engineered to enhance your brain’s performance, promoting cognitive and neurological well-being.
  • Coaching: A dedicated team of trained support staff accompanies you throughout your journey. These professionals are there to guide, support, and assist you at every step, ensuring you receive the personalized attention and guidance needed to maximize the benefits of the program.


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Who is this for

The ideal candidate for this program is an individual who possesses the capability and dedication to undergo a comprehensive six-month program. We seek candidates who are enthusiastic about collaborating with a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to enhancing their mental performance.

It’s important to note that this program is exclusively available to U.S. veterans and people in law enforcement, as part of our commitment to supporting those who have served our nation.

Heroes PeakMind Performance

Imagine a brighter, sharper, and more resilient you – a version of yourself equipped to conquer life’s challenges with newfound vigor. This transformation is within your reach, and the HeroZona Foundation’s Heroes PeakMind Performance program, in partnership with Vitanya, is your key to unlocking it.

Our cutting-edge program, born right here in Arizona in 2012 and now available nationwide, has already improved the lives of countless individuals. We’re inviting you to join this transformative journey today.

What Awaits You:

  • Optimized Brain Performance: Experience faster reaction times, laser-focused attention, and a turbocharged memory – all contributing to a more accomplished you.
  • Extended Opportunities: Your enhanced mental health and well-being open doors to extended service terms, rotations, and the ability to thrive in more extended service periods.
  • Unshakable Resilience: As your brain becomes more resilient to stress and trauma, you’ll emerge stronger, better equipped to weather life’s storms, and excel in your professional role.
  • Our 24-week program, consisting of brief, manageable sessions at conveniently located centers, is designed for lasting impact. It’s not just about temporary change; it’s about permanent growth.
  • Your Support Team:
  • Throughout this journey, you won’t be alone. Our dedicated team of certified professionals is here to guide, support, and uplift you at every step. They’re equipped with the latest technology and assessments to ensure your success.
  • For Those Who Served:
  • Our commitment to U.S. veterans is unwavering. This program is exclusively designed for you, our heroes, as a token of our gratitude for your service.

Are you ready to embark on a transformation that will elevate your life?

Your brighter future starts now.

Sign up today and unleash your full potential.


To better assess your compatibility with our program, we kindly request that you complete our pre-enrollment form. This form will enable us to tailor our services to your specific needs and goals effectively. Your journey towards peak cognitive performance begins here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Heroes PeakMind Performance?
    Heroes PeakMind Performance is a transformative program designed to unlock your brain's full potential, using cutting-edge neuroscience and personalized coaching to elevate your cognitive performance to new heights.
  2. Who drives this program?
    The program is powered by Vitanya, a pioneering human performance company specializing in neuroscience and brain performance. Established in Arizona in 2012, Vitanya has expanded nationwide, with 20 locations serving the veteran community.
  3. What is the primary focus of this program?
    The program focuses on enhancing neural communication on both electrical and chemical levels, revolutionizing modern neuroscience and optimizing healthy brain function.
  4. How is the program supervised?
    The program is meticulously overseen by a licensed psychologist, ensuring quality control, progress oversight, and data collection and reporting. Monthly progress evaluations are conducted in key areas.
  5. Are there any success stories from this program?
    Yes, many participants have experienced significant benefits. For instance, one police department official noted improved decision-making, reaction times, and overall well-being.
  6. What is the duration of the program?
    The program spans 24 weeks, with a total of 84 sessions. Each session requires a minimal time commitment of 20 to 30 minutes at designated locations.
  7. Is individualized coaching provided?
    Absolutely, you'll have a specialized brain performance coach who tailors a personalized program for you. These coaches closely monitor your progress, ensuring adherence to program requirements.
  8. What methods are employed to achieve success in this program?
    Success is achieved through various methods, including stabilizing free radical damage, clearing toxins from the brain, ensuring proper nutritional delivery, and activating the brain's natural response through technology.
  9. What outcomes can participants expect?
    Participants can anticipate improved brain performance, extended service terms, and increased resilience to stress and trauma, resulting in enhanced job stability and effectiveness.
  10. Who is eligible for this program?
    The program is designed for individuals with the commitment and dedication to undergo a comprehensive six-month program. It is exclusively available to U.S. veterans, as part of our commitment to supporting those who have served our nation.
  11. Is this program drug-free?
    Yes, this program offers a drug-free solution for brain fitness and performance enhancement.
  12. Can the benefits of this program be sustained after completion?
    Yes, the positive changes in neuropathways achieved through this program are intended to provide long-term improvements, eliminating the need for continued participation.
  13. How do I get started with Heroes PeakMind Performance?
    You can get started by reaching out to us through our designated contact channels to begin your transformative journey.
  14. Are there any age restrictions for participants?
    There are no specific age restrictions; the program is tailored to individual needs and capabilities.
  15. What sets Heroes PeakMind Performance apart from other programs?
    Our program combines cutting-edge neuroscience, personalized coaching, and a strong commitment to veterans to create a unique and highly effective path to enhanced cognitive performance and overall well-being.


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