Tanaha Hairston

  • Board Member
  • Founder of Techspeak

Tanaha Hairston is a Global Entrepreneur currently serving as CEO and Co-founder of Derivations Skincare. During her international travels, she discovered timeless beauty secrets from each region of the world, cultivating her lifelong passion for skincare and the finest of beauty products, Tanaha conceived the vision of Derivations while obtaining her MBA specializing in entrepreneurial finance from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, #1 International Business School.

Prior to Derivations Skin Care, Tanaha served as the Managing Director of the Thunderbird Angel Network.  Tanaha’s extensive professional experience began as a software engineer and transitioned to sales engineering, developing and selling voice, data, and video network solutions to Universities and Hospitals throughout the United States. Tanaha provides strategic consulting as a Venture Investor and business developer.  Also, Tanaha has experience designing charitable promotion spots and raising money for television promoted fundraisers.  Most recently, she published an article, “Changing the Game of Venture Capital: Expert Insights” in the Journal of Private Equity.  Tanaha holds a BSc in Computer Science and Engineering from Arizona State University (ASU).  Her philanthropic efforts include educating high school and college students on the importance of business and engineering programs.

” We provide diverse educational programs that impact under-served students & veterans. “